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Andreea & Radu are one of my favorite couples.  They are both professional dances, but their elegance and grace transcends their  work lives and it shows in every aspect of their relationships – with each other as well as with other people.  It was a great pleasure not just to work with them, but also to be around them and to get to know them better.

Even though they live and work in Dubai, they still managed to organize one of the most amazing wedding I have ever been to in Romania.  They brought together the absolute best elements from Romania and Arabia to create a truly unique celebration of their love.

It’s impossible for me to mention all of the incredible details, but some of the highlights were the adorable Badgley Mischka; the beautiful dress designed by Natalia Vasiliev; the peacock-feather bow-ties hand-crafted by Madalina Spirleanu; the flower arrangements and bouquets by Star Events, who also laid out the most amazing candy bar I have ever seen.

I usually just let my photographs do the talking, but in this case I also want to share with you a little bit of Andreea and Radu’s story in the words of the bride herself:

“Utterly perfect in every way…

When we first started dancing together as a couple I had to struggle not to smile during our rehearsals. He was always taking things too seriously and was putting so much passion in everything he was doing. I was dancing for fun at that time but his commitment contributed to my determination and soon we ended up being professionals. Our first date was amazing, but to be honest, I can’t remember anything about it. I was too busy hiding the huge stuffed toy-dog he had given me at the start of the evening and thinking about our future together. He was handsome, clever, well-educated, intelligent, funny, caring and we were sharing a strong sense of mutual respect.

We spent every moment we could together and very quickly realized we couldn’t be apart even one minute. It was obvious that God had something planed for us. The moment he proposed to me on a trip to United States, by the beautiful Niagara Falls was the moment I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and I was so grateful for having met him at such a young age. Moving to another country was not a hard decision at all. We were together and it always takes two to Tango J.

Life only got better. I spent my two years here in the United Arab Emirates planning on our wedding and putting love and passion in every little thing we were buying. Our wedding day was filled with love – there wasn’t a single person involved in it that Radu and I didn’t love and cherish. From our lovely wedding planner who helped to set up the reception and scrutinized every detail to ensure it was perfect, to those whose smiles beamed at me as I walked down the aisle, from my beautiful ballerinas who held my train with so much consciousness, to our teary-eyed beloved parents and all our amazing guests, from our dear Photographer whose skill, talent, experience and dedication contributed to our lifetime memories, to our brilliant and so gifted musicians.

Our day was perfect and there wasn’t a thing I’d go back and change.

My best friend, Oana and her husband, Marius were our godparents and I couldn’t have been appreciative for their decision. I can only shed a tear when I remember myself in the dress of my dreams and Radu in his dashing suit.

Radu and I are so incredibly blessed – we have a close knit group of family and friends who truly love us. That love shone through on their faces, poured out with their tears and was felt with every hug, kiss and cheer.

We are so loved and our hearts are filled with love. I’m now Andreea Alexandru and I couldn’t be happier. And I confess, I am the bride that died a thousand times of utter happiness on her wedding day.”

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