London Wedding PhotographerChelsea-Kingston London Civil Wedding | Natalia + Nikhil

As a London photographer, I get to shoot in many fun places, but it is always a treat when I get the chance to photograph in an area that is meaningful to me personally.  London Borough of Chelsea and Kingston – and Chelsea Old Town Hall in particular – is one those places. The Old Town Hall is a building that I passed by many, many times during our stay at the Royal Brompton Hospital with our little boy last year. I kept seeing weddings happening there and wondered if I would ever get to photograph one at that specific Town Hall – quite a silly thought, but still….

Well… imagine my excitement when Natalia contacted me and told me that they had booked Chelsea’s Old Town Hall for their civil ceremony because they loved the area, too! We were also able to shoot a little bit around Chelsea and South Kensington, taking advantage of the English town houses that make that area so pretty and sooo British. Because their big day happened to be on the same day as the official celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday – or the other way around 🙂 – we were a little afraid that some of the areas we wanted to shot in would be closed for street parties.  So instead of trying to squeeze in famous landmarks, we decided to relax, enjoy the area and capture special moments between the two of them, moments of love, joy and tenderness.  I think we succeeded, but I will let you decide that from the photos.

Their party celebration took place at the beautiful Quaglino’s Restaurant, but I only stopped there briefly to take some detail shots, which I love to do.

Natalia & Nikhil, it was lovely to meet you both, to get to know you a little bit and capture a small part of your relationship. I wish you an amazing adventure as a new family, full of joy and happiness!

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