Essex PhotographerEssex Engagement Session || The Naze Beach

Today’s engagement session is set on the gorgeous beach of the Naze. This is one of my favourite beaches in East Anglia so far, but as an Essex Photographer, who knows what other beaches I will soon discover.

As some of you might’ve noticed, due to some personal reasons I don’t photograph many weddings anymore, but Graham and Jenn’s wedding will be an exception. Their engagement session was such a delight that now I can’t wait for the wedding in Surrey.

We actually managed to get to the Naze beach at a lowish tide, something which I have have been trying unsuccessfully to do with my kids for a long time.  So many amazing things are revealed at low tide: sea life in tide pools, sandbars, rocks, fossils, WWII bunkers!

Graham and Jenn – it was lovely to spend some time with you on one of our lovely beaches, but I am really looking forward to watching (and photographing) the two of you get married.



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