Katarzyna & Timothy – Wedding Photography Poland Krakow

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I go to a lot of weddings and I’m always joyful for each newlywed couple, but nothing can compare with the wedding of a family member!

It is a wonderful experience to photograph the love and hope and expectation on the faces of those you hold dear.

It also takes me a lot longer to edit those weddings, because I tend to overshoot them. (Sorry, Tim & Kasia!)

Hit the jump to read more about this fun and uplifting day in the life of my family!

Timothy (aka Tim aka Thymn) is my American brother-in-law, who lives in Krakow, Poland.  He has been dating Katarzyna (aka Kasia) for several years now.  She is a very sweet and talented Polish artist, whom we have enjoyed getting to know a little bit at a time over the last few years.

They were finally married last October in a beautiful church in the centre of Krakow, which is a magnificent medieval city.

The day was beautiful, the weather was perfect, we were surrounded by friends and family from all over the world, what could be better?  We even got to take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the town centre!

Congratulations, Tim & Kasia!  It was a joy to be with you on your special day.  Kasia, welcome to the family!

We hope to see you both again very soon!

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