Weeley Wood Photo Session || Essex Photographer

Well, hello again. As you may have noticed, I have not posted in a while… A lot of that is due to our move to the beautiful Essex coast, which was accompanied by some transitions that I had to go through, and a few changes in my professional focus, but I won’t go into too much details about this especially as the changes will slowly be evident on their own.

Today I have the great honor of presenting you with a family dear to me (I’ll just refer to them as the “Essex Family A”)  They live here on our sunny coast – yes, I just used the word ‘sunny’ to refer to an English coast! Being an Essex-based photographer seems to have its lovely blessings: more sun, less rain and lots of pretty places to photograph.

Essex Family A’s photo session was an absolute blast for me – I hope it was for them too. We got to go to beautiful Weeleyhall Wood while the bluebells were in full bloom. We jumped, climbed, ran, played with balloons, popped balloons, got upset because of the balloons, blew glitter and a lot of other fun things… just like any other photo session. 🙂 I love being able to capture families truly interacting and children playing and having lots of fun. Those spontaneous moments are so much more precious than posed ones.

Anyway… enough talking, lets let the photos do the rest…

Essex Family A – Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you. It was great fun and lovely to see you all interact and climb some trees  – as I am pretty sure you all have some special climbing gene!

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